Oct 6, 2016

ZAP COMIX #2  (Part 2)
S. Clay Wilson

Steven Clay Wilson, born in Lincoln, Nebraska 1941. Wilson had a penchant for violence and war imagery in his cartoons from an early age. He was first published in GRIST MAGAZINE #7 in 1966. That same year he drew his most infamous creation, The Checked Demon, in issue #9. He moved from Lawrence, Kansas to San Francisco in 1968. There he met Charles Plymell, who had published the first ZAP COMIX. He was a natural for the pages of ZAP. 
His uncompromising depiction of dismembered pirates, gross sexuality, violence, disturbing language and imagery, all done in a dense, freeform style was not just shocking, but liberating to Crumb and other Underground cartoonists who were inspired to follow his path. Wilson’s art has graced the pages of every ZAP since #2. His style has changed little and generally become even more shocking and uncompromising. In 2008 Wilson was discovered late one night, face-down, unconscious, on a San Francisco street. It is not known if he fell or was assaulted. He suffered brain damage but continues to live in San Francisco.
Left to right, unknown, Roger Brand, Gilbert Shelton
Spain, Joel Beck and S. Clay Wilson. The photo was taken
at an Underground Comix convention in 1978 at 
the folk club, Ashkenaz, where Clay worked for 
many years. 
San Diego Con 1978.
Berkeley 1978. 
Berkeley 1978 
Wilson would 'salute' Clay when 
the camera was pointed at him. 
San Diego Con 1979
San Diego Con 1979
San Diego Con 1979
Publisher Ron Turner.
San Diego Con 1979
San Diego Con 1979
Robert Williams and wife with Wilson.
San Diego Con 1980.
Creation Con in San Francisco 
Wilson and Bill Griffith. Quake Con 
in San Francisco.
Spain Rodriguez and Wilson. 
San Francisco Hilton 1982
Spain Rodriguez and Wilson. 
San Francisco Hilton 1982
San Francisco Hilton 1982
San Francisco Con 1983

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