Jan 8, 2019


Manuel “Spain” Rodriguez

Manuel “Spain” Rodriguez joined ZAP #4 in 1969. That issue was published by The Print Mint which was hit with a lawsuit regarding Crumb’s depiction of incest. The publishers, Don and Alice Schenker, were arrested. The charges were later dropped, but the comix was published sporadically after that. 
Spain, pseudonym at times, Algernon Backwash, was influenced by EC artist, Wally Wood. He helped create the first Underground tabloid, Zodiac Mindwarp in 1967. 
A prolific artist, he was also published in many other titles including, Subvert Comics, Mean Bitch Thrills, Trashman, Nightmare Alley, Che: A Graphic Biography. Plus posters for The San Francisco Mime Troupe and many other projects.

He died of cancer in San Francisco, March 28, 2012. He was 72. 

  At Gary Arlington's Comic Book Shop in SF.
Gary Arlington
   Berkeley Con 1973
 Girl unknown, Gary Hallgren 1975
   Coyote Ball 1975
Berkeley Con 1976. Harvey Kurtzman on the left.

Berkeley Comic Fair 1977
Clay Geerdes (L),  (M) Phil Yeh.
  Trina Robbins
   San Diego Con 1978

 RIPP OFF PRESS party 1978 with Gilbert Shelton
 Berkeley Con 1978
     San Diego Con 1980 with Wally Wood and Lynn Chevili

       With a friends' son, Cody
  Creation Con 1981

       With George DiCaprio
  Quake Con with Kim Deitch and Bill Griffith

Bill Griffith

       Painted fabric 1974
     Cardboard display
Mural in SF.   

Restaurant mural